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LifeGuard Benefits

  • Health Management Plan
  • FICA TAX Reduction 7.65% for employer
  • Employees see an increase in wages
  • Business sees a guaranteed savings of $573.60 per employee per year
  • Drives Health Compliance and quality of care for those who work on your behalf
  • Implement any time during the year
  • Enhances your current Major medical while driving health for those who you employed
  • Retain and Engage your Human Capital
  • Does not replace, compete, or interfere with your primary health insurance

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Core Services

  • Comprehensive Health Benefits Administration
  • Plan Brokerage: Medical, Dental & Vision
  • Open Enrollment Management
  • Employee Onboarding & Offboarding
  • COBRA Administration


  • ACA & COBRA Compliance
  • Integration with Payroll & Other Benefits
  • Plans through United Healthcare, Florida Blue and Anthem
  • Small, Mid-Size & Enterprise Companies Detailed Quarterly Reporting

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