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Offload your Payroll, Benefits, & HR Services to us, Your New Back Office

Who We Are

Offload Business Solutions is more than just an Administrative Services Organization (ASO). We are a marketplace. We are a single point of contact for business services through our partnerships in health benefits, payroll, human resources, health insurance, liability, retirement planning, worker’s compensation, tax legislation and capital needs. Collectively, we have 75+ years of experience and transact business in all 50 states and territories.

What We Do

We simplify back office administrative and workforce management functions, providing business owners the opportunity to focus on core revenue generating activities that drive goals and increase overall value.

Payroll Services, HR Admin & Bill Aggregation

  • Efficient, Accurate & Secure Payroll Processing
  • Run your payroll from anywhere via cloud technology
  • Direct Deposit, Check Mailing & Pay Card Features
  • SSAE-16 Secured Data Centers
  • Full Employee Lifecycle Support & Management
  • Payroll Tax Filing & Compliance
  • W-2, W4 & 1099 Administration
  • Responsive & Ready, our certified customer service team is located throughout the United States and available to assist

401K Retirement Services

  • Plan Brokerage & Selection
  • Customizable, Scalable Plans
  • Enrollment Management
  • Documentation & Compliance
  • Contribution Maintenance
  • Personnel Changes & Offboarding
  • Integration with Payroll & Other Benefits
  • Certified Plan Administrator
  • Annual 5500 Preparation & Filing
  • Multiple Employer Plans (MEPS)

Health Benefits Administration

  • Plan Brokerage; Securing Providers: Medical, Dental & Vision
  • Health Management Plan to Reduce FICA Tax by 7.65% for Employer
  • Drive Health compliance and quality of care for Employees
  • Level and Self Funded Plans
  • Design Custom Benefit Plans
  • Open Enrollment Management & Integration
  • Employee Onboarding & Offboarding ACA & COBRA Management & Compliance
  • Payment & Invoice Reconciliation
  • Disability & Life

Tax Credits & Capital Needs

  • Capital Partners provide Non-bank asset based commercial lending
  • Tailored Credit Solutions
  • Improved Loan to Cost, Loan to Value
  • $1MM -$30MM
  • FICA Tax Programs
  • Educating on the CARES ACT legislation regarding Employee Retention Credit
  • Strategic Partners Qualifying eligibility for the program
  • Assisting with application and data uploads
  • Options for 941-X generation and submission
  • Experience in all business verticals and non-profits

Commercial Insurance

  • Partners Protect Your Business
  • In-depth Risk Analysis
  • Claims Defense
  • Reduced Total Cost of Risk
  • Freely Market Risk
  • Risk Management

Worker's Compensation

  • Partners protect your team
  • Manage Risk 
  • Reduce Claim Cost 
  • State Requirements & Compliance

What's New

  • Health Management Plan
  • FICA TAX Reduction 7.65% for employer
  • Employees see an increase in wages
  • Business sees a guaranteed savings of $573.60 per employee per year
  • Drives Health Compliance and quality of care for those who work on your behalf
  • Implement any time during the year
  • Enhances your current Major medical while driving health for those who you employed
  • Retain and Engage your Human Capital
  • Does not replace, compete, or interfere with your primary health insurance

The benefits from working with offload bs

We simplify your back-office administrative functions for business owners, so you can focus on your core business functions that create value.

Save Time & Money

Managing payroll, benefits, Risk, Retirement and core HR admin is a complicated, stressful job. We take the workload off you.

Improve Operational Effeciency

Offload streamlines operations by making your HR administration effortless, so you can focus on running and growing your business.

Keep Ownership of the Process

As an Administrative Services Organization (ASO), we’re not “co-employers” like a PEO. You retain full control over your people, policies and culture.

Single Point Platform

Manage your employee payroll, benefits & onboarding using one integrated management platform. We’re back office experts. We find the best solutions for you and simplify your life.

Professional Experience:

Business Owners in each of the core services under one umbrella. We bring 75 years of experience and customization, so you dont have to search and build those relationships.

We Put People First

Offload Business Solutions is a service-minded, relationship-driven, company. Our sole focus is making your business and your life simpler and easier. We work with businesses of all sizes and kinds and pride ourselves on customized solutions and personalized attention. Get rid of the headaches, unnecessary costs and operational inefficiencies.

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