Payroll Processing and HR Admin Services

Fully managed payroll processing for small, medium & enterprise businesses including time & PTO, direct deposit, payroll tax filing & compliance, W-2s, W-4s and more!

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401k Retirement Services

Customizable 401(k) plan brokerage & selection, enrollment management, contributions maintenance, integration with payroll and other benefits, detailed reporting and more!

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Health Benefits Administration

Health Benefits Administration including plan brokerage for Medical, Dental & Vision with top providers, open enrollment management, COBRA administration, ACA compliance and more!

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Independent Insurance Services

Offload Business Solutions partners with Wellhouse Company to provide independent insurance, in depth risk analysis, monthly reported WC, workers compensation, and more!

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Simplify HR with Offload’s Integrated Payroll & Benefits Services

Managing payroll, benefits and core HR administration is a complicated, stressful job. Compliance failure with state and federal employment laws can result in harsh penalties. Hiring internal HR staff is costly and requires its own management. Offload removes these headaches. We simplify your life by managing employee payroll, benefits, onboarding and compliance for you using a single, streamlined management platform.

Offload is an Administrative Services Organization (ASO), not a PEO that leases employees. That means you stay in full control of your people, policies and culture and save about 30% on annual costs. We’re a service-minded, relationship-driven company and we never stop looking for the best solutions to help you improve operational efficiency, do more with less and take the workload off.

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All-in-One Payroll, Benefits & Employee Admin

Streamlined Onboarding & Offboarding

Fast, Accurate Payroll & Tax

Detailed Quarterly Reporting

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Simplify Operations, Improve Efficiency

Simplify your operations by making your HR admin effortless. Increase efficiency and productivity by letting Offload handle all of it for you.

Managing payroll, health benefits, 401K plans, onboarding and compliance is time-consuming, complicated and fraught with liability. Trying to do it yourself is challenging and hiring more staff only adds to your admin. Offload handles all of it for you in an integrated manner, making your business more efficient and productive.

Free Up Time to Focus On Strategy

Quit wasting your valuable time on things someone else can do for you and focus more on running and growing your business.

Business owners tend to wear a lot of hats. But some tasks are better left to others. By letting Offload handle your payroll, benefits and core HR administration, you can spend more of your own time on sales, creative, growth strategies, spending more quality time with your family or just enjoying a little more quiet time.

Control the Process to the Degree Desired

Unlike leasing employees from a PEO, Offload works with your employees and handles your HR admin. You control policy decisions to the degree you desire.

Offload Business Solutions is an Administrative Services Organization (ASO). We’re not a Professional Employer Organization (PEO) that leases employees. You retain control of your people, policies and plans to the degree you want. We’re here to make your life easier!

Stay Compliant

Enjoy peace-of-mind knowing that all areas of your HR are being administered according to the most current local, state & federal regulations.

All businesses must follow all of the most recent federal, state, local employment regulations and anti-discrimination laws. Lack of knowledge of these ever-changing laws is not a legal defense. Avoid the headaches and stress associated with keeping up with them and ensuring they are followed. Let Offload do it for you.